Always Faithful Stables

Facilities and Services

Facilities and Services

Premier Full Service Boarding and Training

Always Faithful Stables strives to offer the highest quality equestrian center for our horses, clients, and trainers. We are proud of our team and their daily efforts to ensure “A+” standards including safety, health, cleanliness and an inviting environment for our members. Together with our clients and trainers we create an integrated, personalized program for each horse to promote their health, fitness and happiness.

Facilities and Services

Daily Feed and Supplements:

*  Grain provided 2-3 times (daily feed service includes Purina grain, electrolytes, and Strongid 2x)

NOTE:  Additional grain requirements are provided as requested (according to the personalized program for each horse)

*  Unlimited premium hay (offered every morning, afternoon and evening, including hay nets as needed) 

*  Salt and/or mineral blocks supplied for each horse as needed

*  Distribution of daily supplements (provided by the client)

Health Care:

*  De-worming every 6 weeks (at an additional cost)

*  Scheduling medical services as requested including veterinarian, farrier, dentist, chiropractor, etc. (client pays provider directly)

Three Riding Arenas with New Jumps: (footing maintained and dragged two-to-three times daily)

*  Heated indoor ring (110 x 300) with euro-felt footing and auto watering to maintain 68F humidity

*  Generous outdoor ring (320 x 360) with euro-felt footing and irrigation system

*  Grass derby outdoor ring (300 x 350) with perimeter bridle path and irrigation system

Expansive Outdoor Areas:

*  Ten-acre open grass field 

*  Three-quarter mile track along the perimeter of the grass ring and derby field

*  Direct access to expansive forest preserve horse trails 

Three Heated Barns: (Main Barn – 2008: 40 stalls; Carousel Barn – 2016: 12 stalls; Private Barn – 2016: 12 stalls)

*  Radiant heat floors with brick pavers

*  12 x 12 stalls (all stalls have individual ceiling mounted industrial stall fans and automatic waterers)

*  Comfort mat stall flooring in new barns (to be installed in the main barn late 2015)

*  Dutch windows on all outside facing barn stalls (44 of 64 stalls)

*  Continuous daily stall cleanings with generous bedding replenishment

*  Automatic insect/fly control systems in all barns

*  HVAC controlled humidity (maintained at 68F) and integrated “make-up air” throughout the barn

*  Seven generous wash stalls with hot and cold water

*  Four grooming stalls

*  Private vet/farrier stall (16 x 18)

*  Crossties throughout all aisles with safety clips

Security and Safety:

*  24 x 7 on-site facility staff including daily night check and blanketing services as required

*  Security Cameras (44) monitoring the entire 25-acre property including all barns, turnout areas, arenas, exercise equipment, maintenance sheds and entry/exit gates

*  Gated entry requiring personal PIN codes for access

*  Comprehensive fire-suppression systems in all barns include: sprinkler systems, pull stations, extinguishers mounted every 25 feet, radio monitored alarms serviced by Libertyville Fire Department, emergency evacuation equipment and plans

Client Services:

*  Two client lounges overlooking the indoor arena including air conditioning and heat, four TVs with cable service, and a client business center (iMac computer with WiFi printing)

*  WiFi throughout the property (open access for our client members)

*  Apples and carrots available daily

*  Complimentary client snacks (granola bars, yogurt, fruit, beverages, etc.) as well as weekly “Saturday Samples” (chili, soups, salads, sandwiches, etc.)

Full-Service Horse Care

Regularly Scheduled Turnout: 

       *  Seven days/week (weather permitting)

*  Fourteen all-weather turnout paddocks with banded safety electrical fencing

*  Sixteen grass turnout paddocks

Lunging Ring: 

*  Euro-felt Footing and irrigation system

Equine Exercise and Therapy Equipment:

*  Unlimited use of outdoor Euro Odyssey Walker with euro-felt footing

*  Kraft Treadmill

*  Solarium Heat Therapy

*  MagnaWave treatmentTherapy

*  Centurion Blanket Therapy

Blanketing, Booting and Wrapping:

*  As needed (client provides all required tack)

Detailed Practices for Impeccable Grooming:

*  Grooming six days per week includes brushing, hoof care, bathing, mane and tail care, trimming (ears, muzzle, legs) 

*  Grooming supplies provided (brushes, picks, cleansers, fly spray, conditioners, etc.)

Tacking and Untacking

Laundry Services (on-site in each barn)